Masterclasses and Downloads

These comprehensive downloads and masterclass recordings will get you started in solving some of the most common sleep issues for baby or toddler!


Conquering Catnapping [Masterclass]


Are you struggling with short naps with your baby or toddler?

Are you frustrated because can't get housework or any time to yourself during the day? 

Do you often find yourself settling your child in a dark room? 

Are you confused about why this is happening and just want answers...and sleep!? 

This comprehensive masterclass will provide you with all you need to know about catnapping and how to improve this challenging sleep issue for you and your baby or toddler! 

You will learn:

  • What does catnapping mean?
  • Is it normal for your baby to be having these short short naps?
  • The core reasons why your baby is catnapping
  • How to overcome and resolve catnapping for your little one

Catnapping is so HARD to endure and ever harder to understand WHY this is happening for your child. This masterclass is going to help you get the solutions and sleep you are looking for! 

Investment: $37 AUD

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Resolving Night Waking [Masterclass]


Is your baby or toddler waking overnight? 

Are you struggling to resettle them back to sleep overnight? 

Are you exhausted and frustrated from the night waking your family is experiencing? 

Night wakes are grueling, aren't they? You may be experiencing brain fog,  your baby or toddler is grizzly and overtired and you are struggling through the day until your partner gets home so you can get a break! 

Night waking is rough and it is so common amongst families with young children. But it isnt something we need to put up with or will just ‚Äúgo away‚ÄĚ.¬†

This Masterclass is going to help you shift through all the confusing information about WHY your toddler or child is night waking so much and help you understand how you can get better sleep for your child and ultimately your whole family.

This Masterclass will help you: 

  • Understand why night waking happens;
  • Educate families about what is age appropriate in terms of night waking;
  • Outline the 8 core reasons why your child is night waking;
  • Help you understanding how to solve this common sleep challenge so you can get sleep (for you AND your little one!)¬†

Grab the Masterclass and start getting more sleep overnight!

Investment: $37 AUD

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Toddler Sleep Solutions [Masterclass]


Toddler sleep can be tricky! Not only is there heaps developmentally changing but there is also a lot going on with sleep transitions.  Toddlers also start to push boundaries..which flows into the sleep realm which means getting sleep with toddlers can be difficult! 

In this masterclass you will learn about 6 main areas to help you with your toddler's sleep:

  • NAP TRANSITIONS¬†- How to transition your toddler successfully from 2-1 nap & dropping the nap while minimising overtiredness and other issues
  • TRANSITIONS¬†- How to execute a seamless child care and cot to big bed transition
  • BEDTIME BOUNDARIES¬†- How to make your bedtime smoother by implementing bedtime boundaries and an effective bedtime routine
  • FOOD AND SLEEP¬†- Learn about food and sleep including how you can get your child to eat foods that encourage sleep+ combat fussy eating
  • DROPPING SLEEP CRUTCHES¬†- How we can gradually drop sleep associations that are no longer working for your child's sleep¬†
  • ENVIRONMENT¬†- How having all the sleep foundations¬† ¬†in place will optimize your toddler's sleep!¬†

This masterclass is going to empower you with practical information and that will help you make positive changes and ultimately get more sleep! If you are struggling with your toddler's sleep this is the masterclass for you!

Investment: $77 AUD

Instant Access

Travel [Masterclass]

Have a enjoyable holiday with your little ones while still getting sleep!


Travelling with your little one can be stressful because you are wondering if they will sleep well or at all during flights and car rides and in different environments! 

Are you going away with your little ones in the future? 

Are you worried about how they will sleep on plane trips and car rides? 

Are you concerned about how to navigate activities around their sleep? 

Are you wondering if they will sleep well in different accommodation? 

If any of these aspects of travel are concerning you this Masterclass is going to help you have the a smooth AND relaxing holiday with your little ones! 

You will learn:

  • How to have successful naps on the go
  • How to support sleep during car and plane rides
  • How to choose the right accommodation to support your child‚Äôs sleep
  • What you need to set up your child‚Äôs travel accommodation for great sleep
  • How to occupy your child in new environments, on planes and in cars and so much more!

A relaxing and smooth holiday is coming your way if you learn and implement all the information in this epic Masterclass! Safe Travels!

Investment: $37 AUD

Instant Access


Self-Care [Free Download]

Not getting enough "me time"?

Ensuring we create pockets of time for self care as a parent of a baby or young child is crucial to our resilience, productivity, patience and enjoyment as a parent. 

This comprehensive download will provide ways to get a "break" while your child is still in your care or how to create moments to yourself to step away and get a breather from being a parent..if only briefly! 

If youre feeling burnt out and exhausted as a new parent, this is the first place to start to feel better for yourself and as a parent!

Investment: FREE

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Bedtime Resistance Guide [Download]

Having bedtime battles with your child? 

Are you getting resistance at bedtime from your little one? Bedtime not going smoothly?

The first place to start is the Bedtime Routine! This download will provide everything you need to know about WHY a bedtime routine is so important for your baby and toddler and HOW to implement all these elements for a smooth bedtime and restful nights sleep!

What you'll get: 

  • 15 page downloadable guide¬†
  • Sample of ideal bedtime routine¬†

Detailed explanation about each element that needs to be included in a successful bedtime routine 

If bedtimes in your household are stressful, filled with anxiety and need this download! 

Investment: $25 AUD

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Kind Words

The last 5m have been the hardest of my motherhood journey. Very little sleep and crippling anxiety it has been beyond exhausting. 

I have doubted myself and felt i have let my family down. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't sleep as he is my second child. I resented him, struggled to connect with him and often ignore his cry. 

With the help of Georgina i feel more emotionally connected to Ayden than i have ever felt. Sleep is one thing but the emotional connection a mother has with her child is another. 

 Jess & Ayden 21m