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No more settling for hours, drawn out bedtimes, multiple overnight wakes and thinking youre doing something wrong! 


Does this sound familiar? Is this you?

  • You are confused, exhausted and frustrated about your baby's sleep!
  • Your baby sleeps no more than 1 sleep cycle, they always need to be fed/rocked/held to sleep and you sometimes end up bringing them into your bed as its the only way to GET sleep 
  • You want to be able to troubleshoot your own sleep challenges as they arise

I get it. It can be super overwhelming, and exhausting to have a child that struggles to go to sleep. It can feel like you’ve tried everything and start to think that it must be you.

But I want you to know, it’s not you. You’re not a bad mum. This brand new little human just needs some little tweaks to independently get to sleep.  

I’ve been there. And after years of training and learning all the up to date techniques I want you to know that you too can have a good sleeping baby! 

This is why I created The Sleep Collective. To support exhausted mum’s like you to be able to get your baby to sleep so that not only does your little one start feeling better and start smiling more but you do too.  

If that sounds about right keep reading...

You know things need to change...

Sick of going around in circles searching for answers 

Sick of sleepless nights

No longer feeling confident you can read your babies signs or trust your instinct

Now its time to feel empowered as a mother and trust your instinct and help your baby get more sleep!  

I am inviting you to feel strong in your knowledge, power and understanding of your baby's sleep, as I teach you step by step how to get out of the exhausting situation you are currently in. 



Imagine how it would feel to...

Have an uninterrupted night of 12 hours sleep!

Be able to put your baby down and they can get to sleep independently

Be able to do what you want or need to around the house while your baby does solid day naps without any assistance

Life changing right?


You will start to feel like YOU again Mumma!

The energy you will feel from a good night’s sleep will make you feel like you can rule the world and get heaps done, at the same time as enjoying the joyful moments your baby brings you.

You will finally be back in the same sleep space as your partner and feel connected to them again.

Plus, you wont be dragging yourself to work each day as your brain feels like mush but instead feeling energetic and clear in your mind for the day’s work ahead!

Join now and get your baby sleeping!

Mumma, you deserve all of these things that more sleep brings !





The online membership where I teach you to get your baby to sleep in bite sized videos and support sessions that you can fit into your busy schedule.




This is what I need!

This is what you can expect inside The Sleep Collective Membership....

Whats included?

The Sleep Collective process will walk you through these 5 Stage Success Path for optimal sleep:

Set up is your child's optimal for sleep (warmth, clothing, bedding, electromagnetic radiation, darkness, room foundations)

Give you age appropriate feeding & sleeping routines, trouble shooting naps, catnapping, bedtime routines, guidelines for solids, nap transitions

Help you grow your parenting skills for optimal connection with your child (essential to child sleep). If a child isnt connected and feeling safe they wont sleep well at night! 

Address the negative sleep associations your child currently relies on to get to sleep (dummy, rocking, motion naps, feeding to sleep) and replace these with positive ones which require less intervention from you

Gently teach your child to sleep independently achieving suitable amounts of sleep for their age and quick settles for naps and bedtime, all with ease!

And don't forget about the bonuses!

You're also going to get access to:


Tips and Tricks 

You will get all my tips and tricks as a Naturopath and mother of a fussy eater in a FREE Download! What foods to include in their diets and HOW to get them into your kids and what foods are not beneficial in their diet. Valued at $30


Valued at $30, you will receive my detailed bedtime routine for FREE!  The download on the importance of a bedtime routine, the elements to exclude and include in the hours before and at bedtime and a sample routine

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Who am I?

Georgina Windebank

Mother, Holistic Sleep Consultant, Qualified Naturopath and founder of The Holistic Sleep Project 

My experience in clinical practice as a Naturopath enables me to combine my health science knowledge of both mother and baby, have the strong nutritional understanding alongside my practical experience achieving quality sleep for my clients. As a terrible sleeper myself and with no day to day family support while having a newborn, I took a proactive approach to my son's newborn sleep and had him sleeping well from a very young age.

Today, I implement the same process for my clients from newborns to toddlers. By following my unique 5 Stage process,  these little one's are now  independent sleepers!  Parents have more time to relax and sleep themselves. They are more productive inside and outside the home, are enjoying parenting more and their relationships are better. Successful baby sleep has a positive ripple effects right through the family unit. I want this for YOUR whole family too! 

These proven 5 stages to successful  sleep will get you this: 

From always having to assist your child to get to sleep for day naps and resettle 

To being able to put them down for a nap and they will go  to sleep on their own and fulfil a long age-appropriate nap 

From having to rock/feed/hold/sit with your child at bedtime 

To saying good night, leaving the room and they go to sleep on their own 

From repeatedly having to attend to your child to help them resettle overnight 

To only needing to respond if they are emotional, they need you or you want to. Not because they always  require you to get them back to sleep 

Georgina has been featured in...

This is what you get when you join

5 Stages to successful sleep via a Library of Video and written content 

Bi-weekly Q and A's LIVE 

Bi-weekly trainings on all sleep topics

Private FB Group Access

Inside hear from other mumma’s also experiencing what you’re going through & learn from them as I answer questions from all members. 

Plus it’s such a supportive community where you can get the guidance and support you need on those hard days when you feel like nothing is working

Access to Georgina as your Sleep Coach via Bi-weekly Q and A's LIVE  to troubleshoot sleep challenges as they arise.

This is where you can submit your questions and get the answers you need so you can get your baby to sleep.

 Join now and you’ll receive your roadmap which will guide you from SLEEPLESS NIGHTS to RELAXED AND CONFIDENT BED TIMES 

Monthly Payment

$67 a month


Weekly Payment

$16.75 a week

*minimum 3 months subscription to The Sleep Collective 

The results speak for themselves...

"I have never felt pressured or judged for anything I have done with my baby which is HUGE in a world of orientating where everyone has advice and opinion"

Kate and Leo 14w

"Georgina is supportive and knowledgeable. I've  particularly enjoyed the written and video content explaining the 5 stages to sleep success. Our cot transition went extremely smoothly thanks to the detailed step by step guidance, teaching of sleep principles and product recommendations. The membership is great for asking all our sleep questions. Georgina happily troubleshoots when issues arise as baby sleep can be so unpredictable and is forever changing. My 4 month old has now successfully transitioned from 4 to 3 naps, can self settle  and doesnt wake overnight thanks to Georgina's guidance"

Crystal and Lucas 4 months 

"Bellamy is a much happier, settled baby and we are so grateful. The content that is released each week is in bite sized videos so that it’s not overwhelming and the LIVES are invaluable. I highly recommend Georgina and the membership to anyone needing help with their baby’s sleep"

Joey and Bellamy 21weeks

"Georgina brings the utmost professionalism but also so much warmth, knowledge and draws on so much of her experiences with her own son and as a mother that it makes her so much more relatable and relevant"

Lisa and Summer

8 months 

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