An individualized & unique approach to your child's sleep challenges  

Georgina provides a multi-factorial approach that assesses all the elements that to contribute to successful age appropriate, quality sleep for your baby. 

Emotional wellbeing of the child and family, nutritional requirements & an effective sleep environment are just some of the elements addressed to achieve your goal of getting your child sleeping well!    

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An individualized & unique approach to your child's sleep challenges  

Georgina provides a muli-factorial approach that assesses all elements that to contribute to successful  quality and age appropriate sleep. 

Emotional wellbeing of the child and family, nutritional requirements and environment are just some of these elements addressed to get your child sleeping well    

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One on One Support Packages 

This high level support package will allow for you and your family to be guided every step of the way as we tackle all your current sleep issues and achieve excellent sleep for your baby and whole family. 

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Hour of Power Sessions 

This phone session allows full assessment and on the spot recommendations for all the elements that contribute to your child's optimal sleep. 

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Mini Consultations 

Sessions to solve transitions, early rising, sleep environment questions or anything sleep related to solve the final piece of the puzzle to get your baby sleeping!   

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The Sleep Collective Membership

The Sleep Collective is a Membership for expectant mothers all the way through to Mumma’s of toddlers who are experiencing any sort of child sleep challenge and want to achieve more sleep in their lives!

At The Sleep Collective we are creating a welcoming and kind community of mothers who identify with a Holistic approach to sleep.

No matter the level of sleep knowledge and the differing level of sleep skills of your baby, we are just all here to get MORE sleep!

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Georgina Windebank is a Holistic Sleep Consultant, Qualified Naturopath & Mother

Her experience in clinical practice as a Naturopath enables her to combine her health science knowledge of how the body functions (mother and baby), alongside nutritional understanding with her practical experience achieving quality sleep for her clients. Her own life experience in life and loss have lead to a deep understanding of the impact of birth trauma, mental health conditions, challenges in life contribute to how we react to our babies and how sleep impacts our experience as parents.  

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Kind Words

The last 5m have been the hardest of my motherhood journey. Very little sleep and crippling anxiety it has been beyond exhausting. 

I have doubted myself and felt i have let my family down. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't sleep as he is my second child. I resented him, struggled to connect with him and often ignore his cry. 

With the help of Georgina i feel more emotionally connected to Ayden than i have ever felt. Sleep is one thing but the emotional connection a mother has with her child is another. 

 Jess & Ayden 21m 

Its been just under a week since meeting Georgina and what a different child i have! my 17m old daughter had lost the ability to self settle, waking constantly the past 4m. In 2.5 days my girl slept through the night for 12 hours. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT! We are expecting number 2 in a few months and i didn't know how i was going to cope! What an absolute miracle! So grateful for the support, recommendations and believing in us and Charli. Thank you! 

Alana & Charli 17m 

I am so grateful for Georgina's support in giving me the confidence to teach my 8m old daughter to settle without her dummy. By the end of the 2 weeks she was able to settle herself for naps without the dummy we also transitioned her to two sleeps smoothly. Her Naturopathic experience is invaluable.

Thank you for your gentle nature and supporting myself and Savannah through this time. I would recommend Georgina to anyone! 

Sandra and Savannah 8m