Gentle and Holistic Sleep Solutions for babies and toddlers


Georgina Windebank

Holistic Sleep Consultant & Naturopath

Georgina is incredibly passionate about sleep of infants and toddlers and as a qualified Naturopath knows the importance of this innate biological need and its role in child development.

She has a multi-factorial approach that assesses all the elements that contribute to quality and age appropriate sleep such as the emotional wellbeing of the child & family, nutritional requirements & sleep environment.

Georgina provides clients short term solutions & long term education for your child's sleep issues.  She wants every family to have a sleeping child so they are well equipped to handle the everyday challenges  of having young children 


Pregnancy Sleep Support & Nursery Set-up 



Hour of Power Consultation 

by phone 


Mini Consultation

by phone or email


Baby & Toddler Package
4 months-3 years old

Your child was sleeping well but now they are not, or have never slept well! Children go through many developmental stages and there are many sleep challenges in this age group such as cat napping, night wakes, co-sleeping challenges, feeding to sleep, inability to self settle or early rising. We can get you back on track so you and your baby are sleeping and feeling better!

Infant Package
Birth-4 months

Your newborn is safely home but now what! This is a great time to establish sleep foundations and resolve any issues that are affecting your babies sleep as it will benefit not only your young child’s sleep as they grow but also the wellbeing of the family 


Parents Recommend

Daniel & Haylin

Georgina analysed every aspect of Samuel’s routine, his health, my pregnancy &  how I was coping as a new Mum.  Thanks to Georgina’s recommendation and professionalism, now we have a happier baby which is contributing to a happier and harmonious family". 



She was fully understanding and supportive of my need for a gentle approach and her plan for us never had me feeling uncomfortable with anything I needed to do to. Every day we followed Georgina's advice on routine, nap time and nutrition and it led to a gradual improvement in sleep EVERY NIGHT!



A few small changes such as sleep environment, tired cues and ideal temperature have really helped us with his sleep and given us some longer stretches at night. It makes for a very happy household when everyone is well rested and not dealing with overtired children”. 

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