Sleep Solution Packages

Pregnancy Sleep Support & Sleep Space


  • 60 min Skype Consultation. In person consultations if located Northern Suburbs of Melbourne (within 45 km's of Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Travel fees apply).

  • Individualised Sleep Plan customised to your current lifestyle for where you are in your pregnancy and to suit your family unit

  • Assessment of your current diet and nutritional requirements during pregnancy

  • Recommendations for settling techniques for when your bundle of joy arrives

  • Guidelines for a nursery/bedroom set up that is supportive to sleep for both you and your baby


      $ 300.00



Mini Consultations-Your Sleep Questions Answered!

Answering specific sleep questions for your child of any age 

You may have a question about routines, dropping naps, sleep environment, early rising, regressions, nutritional requirements, toddler sleep or anything else sleep related. 

This is a great place to start for solutions and improved for your child and entire family! 


This package doesn't include: 

  • follow up advice or a comprehensive sleep plan 

  • limit to 2 mini consults per client 

30 min phone call - $70 or 2 emails - $70


Infant Package - Birth to 3 months


  • 90 min in person home consultation if located within 45 km's of Northern Suburbs of Melbourne or via Zoom 

  • 2 weeks support via email/phone

  • Tips for setting up nursery environment to support sleep

  • What to expect with your babies sleep in the initial weeks including soothing techniques and sleep expectations by age

  • Re-settling techniques

  • Recognising tired signs

  • Analysis of mothers diet during this post pregnancy period as well as nutritional recommendations for children for when solids commence

  • Detailed, customised Sleep Plan specific to your baby, your situation, fulfilling your baby’s sleep needs and your family wellbeing

      $ 450.00

Baby & Toddler Package - 4 months  to 3 years old


  • 90 min in person consultation (or Zoom) within 45 mins of Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

  • 2 weeks support via email

  • Detailed analysis of current sleep challenges

  • Assessment of nursery/bedroom to support sleep

  • Address behavioral habits that have become an issue for successful sleep

  • Educate about healthy sleep habits for child and family that are supportive for good sleep for the whole family

  • Analysis of mothers diet during this post pregnancy period as well as nutritional recommendations for children of current age regarding optimal diet

  • Provide detailed and comprehensive Sleep Plan specific to your child,  that fulfills the whole families sleep needs


      $ 525.00

Refresher Sleep Package 

Your child has hit a new developmental stage or new sleep challenge and you need further support now that the environment and your child has changed.

  • Analysis of sleep challenge via  60 minute phone consultation 

  • New Sleep Plan to address new sleep challenges

  • 2 weeks email support 

    $ 300.00

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