The Holistic Sleep Approach


The Holistic Sleep Approach is unique in a variety of ways. Firstly, it is holistic in terms of addressing all the contributing factors for a child’s age appropriate and quality sleep. Some of these relevant  factors involve assessing the sleep environment, nutritional intake, feeding schedule, routine and scheduling. In addition, the approach also considers the mother as a major component of the sleep strategy. Georgina acknowledges and assesses the mother’s emotional state from pregnancy, childbirth and post partum periods, her nutritional intake, any prior and present trauma which can impact the relationship with baby and the unique family set up each family has. As a Qualified Naturopath with a Health Science degree, Georgina has an understanding of medical conditions that may be present for the mother or baby and she has a vast amount of resources to draw upon from her experience in clinical practice and from her time as a sleep consultant.  

The Holistic Sleep Project approach is incredibly customised and individually constructed based on all the factors related to mother, baby and the entire family unit. Her work with each family is never the same, therefore there is no  “one size fits all model” with this approach. It is completely unique in terms of the timing, strategy and individuality of the approach to each child and their family.

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