Samuel- 8 Months   

“Samuel was having trouble settling for his day naps, waking through the night and early in the morning.  To get him to sleep, we would resort to breastfeeding, bouncing, cuddling or rocking which was very demanding. He would protest for long periods of time, which was made us feel anxious and stressed. Since we followed Georgina’s recommendations we have noticed Samuel’s naps are longer and he gets to sleep unassisted.  I am able to put Samuel down for naps without any issues, which is a huge relief for me.  Now Samuel is only waking up once per night and is able to immediately self-settle. Samuel also has a tendency for eczema and other skin rashes.  As a Naturopath, Georgina was able to assess his environment and diet for aggrevating factors. Samuel’s skin and face have cleared up tremendously and he no longer is experiencing skin irritation or itchiness on his face.  Georgina analysed every aspect of Samuel’s routine, his health, my partner's pregnancy &  how we were coping as new parents.  Thanks to Georgina’s recommendation and professionalism, now we have a happier baby which is contributing to a more harmonious family.

Daniel & Haylin 

 Noah-18 months 

"When I first started talking to Georgina about my son's sleep, I was at breaking point. He was 18 months old and waking 5-6 times a night, wanting milk or a cuddle and needing me to stay in his room until he fell asleep. He was also fighting his nap during the day. I was exhausted, constantly anxious about our routine and what I could do to help his sleep. I was forever feeling like I wasn't being the best parent I could be as I never felt like my cup was full enough to be able to give any more to him. After my first discussion with Georgina, I was already feeling some relief and left with hopeful and positive. She was fully understanding and supportive of my need for a gentle approach and her plan for us never had me feeling uncomfortable with anything I needed to do to. Every day we followed Georgina's advice on routine, nap time and nutrition and it led to a gradual improvement in sleep EVERY NIGHT! We now only have one wake a night and he goes straight back to sleep after just a kiss on the head. We have even had nights where my son has slept all night!! We are BOTH so much calmer, happier and connected as we have so much more energy to give each other. I cannot thank and recommend Georgina highly enough. What an amazing, beautiful soul she is. Georgina has literally changed our lives and I could not be more grateful!”


Kobe-7 weeks 

   “At 7 weeks old our son was a fairly good sleeper although I reached out to help with some techniques to get him to sleep as I have a toddler as well which meant I didn’t have the time to be settling him to sleep for long periods due to the demands of having a second child. A few small changes such as sleep environment, tired cues and ideal temperature have really helped us with his sleep and given us some longer stretches at night. It makes for a very happy household when everyone is well rested and not dealing with overtired children”


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