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Sleep Saviour Support Package-HIGH LEVEL SUPPORT PACKAGE for 4 months to 3 yrs

Sleep Saviour Support Package

4 months-3 years old

Lets get more sleep for your family by helping you solve your current sleep challenges as I hold your hand every step of the way. In this high level support package, I will hold your hand every step of the way through each modification, nap change and difficult bedtime as we solve what is contributing to the lack of sleep you are experiencing. 

  • Receive 2 weeks of full support via email, Voxxer (voice memo) and Zoom as we implement the 5 stages to successful sleep while I hold your hand through the process 

  • Initial videos to get you started with improving your child’s sleep so you dont get overwhelmed during the process 
  • Initial 1 hr Consultation via Zoom to discuss your child’s medical history and what you are struggling with right now so we get a clear picture of what you have tried before to solve these problems
  • Customized Sleep Plan to outline all the steps to take from where you are now to where you want to be to achieve your sleep goals
  • Daily email and voice message (via Voxxer) support so we can troubleshoot each challenge that comes up throughout the process to keep you on track as we start to achieve more sleep  
  • Phone support on Night 7 as we implement a new sleep technique that suits your family, your child and what you have been struggling with so far
  • Analysis and recommendations of your child’s diet and feeding schedule which will support their sleep needs and development
  • 1 month complimentary access to The Sleep Collective Membership where you can continue to get sleep support and stay on track with your little one's sleep. (With the option to extend after the included month).

Investment: $900

What People Are Saying:

"For me being able to contact Georgina and have her reply by voice messenger meant I felt emotionally supported. This part of the sleep package meant the difference between why The Holistic Sleep Project has worked and others havent. This high level support package makes communication super easy and all-around working together has been an amazing and comforting experience having Georgina there holding my hand every step of the way!"

Melly and Lachy 18m

"Working with Georgina has been life changing! We reached out to help our 5 month old who was catnapping during the day and waking anywhere between 2-10x a night. In the space of 2 weeks we got rid of the problematic dummy, moved him into his own room and got him self settling and resettling for naps and overnight! We now have a much happier babe and mum and dad are feeling well rested and enjoying the rollercoaster of parenthood again!"

Stacie and Harry 5m

"Georgina’s program is beyond amazing! In just over a week we went from rocking and feeding to sleep to settling in the cot with no tears! We also eliminated early rising and multiple night wakings over the two week program. I hadn’t had a full night sleep in over 10months and now I can officially join all of those other mums I was so envious of and say “my child sleeps through the night too”. I would highly recommend"

Shannon and Luca 10m