What is a holistic sleep consultant and why is it different to other sleep consultants?

Georgina works holistically looking at all facets of a child’s environment, behaviour and lifestyle to optimise sleep. Rather than just addressing sleep in isolation, as a Holistic Sleep Consultant and a qualified naturopath she will be able to bring together all these elements along with the nutritional component to complete all elements contributing to quality sleep which also contributes to a child’s state of wellbeing and therefore optimal sleep. She will also look at the wellbeing of the child and family as this is a major component to her work as a Holistic Sleep Consultant.

Do you use the cry it out sleep method?

Georgina mostly works with the foundations of sleep in order to achieve improvement for a child’s sleep. In most cases, a vast improvement is found by working on these components. However, crying is undoubtable part of the process as that is a natural response from babies.  Specific methods can be discussed with the family as work towards their sleep goals.

What Sleep Methods do you use in your work as a Sleep Consultant? 

Georgina works with the foundations of sleep before employing any behavioural methods. Once these foundational aspects are in place, improvement is usually seen before looking at other techniques to improve sleep.

Will my baby cry during the Sleep Consulting process?

Crying is a baby’s main form of communication. It is likely your child will cry as this is their way to tell care-givers they are hungry, uncomfortable, tired the list goes on! Crying is difficult to hear for the parents but it actually has a biological purpose. We discuss your beliefs around crying and approach this in a way that will not create unnecessary tears for your baby.

Is it too late for Sleep Coaching if I have a toddler?

No! Children of all ages have challenges when it comes to sleep. The challenges a baby has is completely different to those of toddlers. Toddler sleep issues can be based on a variety of causes such as emotional and environmental changes, habits that are no longer supporting the wellbeing of the family or child any longer. It is never too late!

What is Sleep Training or Coaching?

Sleep Training is the process of helping a baby learn to sleep or sleep through the night. But this does not mean this has to be done in a harsh way. The term “Sleep Training” has brought negative connotations as some relate it to harsh sleep methods to get babies to sleep. This is not the case with the Holistic approach. We encourage a baby to sleep and getting into more of a routine can be done in a gentle way, always having the baby’s and caregiver’s wellbeing at the forefront of the process.

Do you come to our house for the service and physically implement techniques to improve my baby’s sleep?

It is best the care-givers learn how to settle their babies and put in the foundations in place for solid sleep so they can adapt these as the child gets older on their own. As a Sleep Consultant, we work very closely together to adopt an approach that best fits your child, your family and your circumstances. Georgina will then be guiding you through the process to improved sleep and wellbeing for your family. She does hold consultations in person for families who live near the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. However, this is the consultation and challenge evaluation process, there is no hands on with your baby.

How long is your support for?

Infant and Baby/Toddler packages are 2 weeks in duration. There are options for 60 min and 30 mins sessions but this is specific to your situation and needs to be discussed based on my assessment. There is also a Refresher Package for a new sleep challenge you might be experiencing that comes up after we have worked together initially

Do you give nutritional advice as part of your packages?

Georgina gives general nutritional advice when it comes to the Infant and the Baby or Toddler packages. However, more specific advice for individual conditions is best obtained from a Naturopath or relevant practitioner who can assess your child’s entire case. Georgina’s focus is on the sleep of you or the baby and only basic suggestions will be given around nutrition if something stands out or needs immediate attention an appropriate referral will be made.

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