The Holistic Baby & Toddler Sleep Course

A comprehensive sleep resource to support your child’s ever-changing sleep needs for LIFE!



Successful baby sleep isn’t just about a routine and a dark room!

I believe in a truly holistic approach where we address ALL components that make up optimal sleep for your baby is the best approach! Written by a qualified Naturopath and Holistic Sleep Consultant, you couldn’t get a more holistic approach than this course! You will experience instant improvements as well as long term education and solutions as no stone is left unturned in this holistic approach.

You will be taught everything to do with baby and toddler sleep that will solve your current sleep challenge and teach you how to navigate all the obstacles that are yet to come!

Knowledge is power right? And its all here in easy to understand, simple terms. You will be empowered, prepared and educated on all things baby and toddler sleep throughout the course.

Let’s get you and your family more sleep right now!

  • Do you feel confused, overwhelmed and frustrated about your little one’s sleep?
  • Have you experienced teething, illness, travel and regressions throwing off your little one’s sleep but you don’t know how to get back on track each time?
  • Do you question yourself over and over about how to solve these but you aren't sure how to tackle these problems to get more sleep for you and your child?


If this is you and you have a child 4-months to 3-years old, this course is for you!

Transform your baby or toddler’s sleep in just weeks!

This course will provide:

A clear path for how to improve your child’s current sleep

Education and knowledge about how child sleep works biologically which will help you well into the future!

Tools so you feel prepared and empowered to deal with any sleep challenge that comes up along the way


"The course has helped me then transition my now 17-month-old from 2 naps to 1"

"I’m a mum of two and had my third child while I was completing the course. I purchased the course having worked with Georgina one on one to help me with my second child’s sleep at 14 months. She was a miracle-worker!

And now the course has helped me then transition my now 17-month-old from 2 naps to 1 through all the very useful videos, information that is provided in easy to understand ways. Even though I’m a mum of three I really lacked confidence navigating this transition and felt the course really helped me through this stage.

I’d thoroughly recommend this course for mums with multiple children because what worked for the first one doesn’t always work for the next!"

Andrea and Sophie 6 years, Georgia 22 months and Xavier 2 months

This proven holistic method will help you get from: 

Spending a lot of time getting your child to sleep and it is causing you stress and anxiety

To having a comprehensive resource where you can get “on the spot” answers to solve all your questions-immediately!

Your child can only get to sleep with bottle, breast, dummy, rocking and they wake up soon afterwards

To knowing how to reduce these sleep associations, in your own time gradually and gently

You are confused, overwhelmed and anxious about your little one’s sleep

To feeling at ease when putting your child to sleep for day naps, bedtime and while responding overnight

You feel exhausted all the time

To being confident about your child’s needs and how to achieve them AND never second guess yourself again!

When you join you will get instant access to:

  • Lifetime access to the 13 sleep modules to work through at your own pace 
  • Bite-sized, easy to understand written and video content
  • BONUS #1:  [ Early Rising Solutions Guide]
  • BONUS #2:  [Guide to Travelling with babies and toddlers]

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A sneak peek at the modules we'll be covering

Module 1: Sleep Environment

Learn how to set up the ideal sleep environment and how to introduce positive sleep associations for the optimal environment.


Module 2: Sleep Basics

Learn how to identify when your baby is over or undertired as well as understanding their sleep cycles and awake times. These elements will be the cornerstone to successful sleep for your baby.


Module 3: Routines

Why and how do we need routines? In this section you will learn about the importance of routines for optimal sleep AND you will be able to access sleep routines from birth to 3 years old so there is no more guessing when it comes to the best sleep routine for your individual child’s sleep needs!


Module 4: Sleep Principles

These are key principles regarding baby’s and toddler’s that will keep you on track now and in the future with your child’s sleep. These include when to move up to the next sleep routine, why and how we cap their naps and how to manage awake times as we ensure a reasonable bed time.

Module 5: Naps “need to know”

Everything you need to know about when naps-how to still get out and about while still prioritising your little one’s naps and what do when naps go wrong!


Module 6: Common sleep issues

We all face these curly situations in our child’s development but how do we handle them with ease? The course will explain all these aspects that could affect your child’s sleep as your little one develops-standing in the cot, rolling in the cot, separation anxiety and early rising.


Module 7: Transitions

Parents get confused about sleep transitions and as they don’t know when to make these changes and HOW! These processes can go terribly wrong and derail all your hard work so this module will cover everything related to nap transitions as well as Child Care Transitions and going into the Big Bed Transition.


Module 8: Sleep Regressions

Regressions are one of the most dreaded aspects of child sleep for some parents. Fear not! This course will educate and prepare you for this tricky part of your child’s development


Module 9: When sleep associations stop working

When our little one’s arrive into the world we use all the techniques to get our little one’s to sleep but as time goes on these may stop working for you and your baby. Then what do we do? This module explores this and gives you steps to regain your sleep once these sleep associations stop working.

Module 10: Self care & Emotional Connection

We all know it, but don’t necessarily do it! We need to look after ourselves so we are pouring from a full cup rather than an empty one! Self care ensures we are being the best parent we can be. We also need to ensure our little one’s are 100% comfortable in their sleep space in order to sleep well. Both these aspects are covered in this module.


Module 11: Supporting your baby through sleep changes

As we make changes with the way our little one’s go to sleep, they may require more support during this time. This module will give you step by step solutions to provide hands on support to your baby as you help them learn to go to sleep a different way.


Module 12: Nutrition

Eating and sleeping are synergistic so we need to ensure your baby is consuming ideal nutrients at the right TIME to optimise your baby’s sleep. This will all be covered in this module.


Module 13: Medical issues

Colic, reflux, teething we all experience these developmental processes so this module will provide you with education and ways to support your child through these difficult times

The results speak for themselves...

Georgina has carefully put together some incredible content which has helped me with my baby’s routines, our emotional connections (so more important than I even realised), navigating illnesses, solids, the environment she sleeps in…the list goes on. I can only sing praises about this course as there is nothing else I have ever purchased that is so incredibly informative, personalised and relevant."

Lisa and Summer 14 months

I have found the course to be extremely beneficial and worth it. We have struggled with our daughter's sleep from a young age and when we finally get her into a good routine, her needs and patterns change. By signing up to this course, I have had constant guidance and support to improve her sleep through the course content which can be catered to my daughter’s specific needs. It's like having your own personal sleep consultant at the fraction of a price. I would highly recommend this course!”

Jess and Zoe 12 Months

Who am I?

I am a Holistic Sleep Consultant, Qualified Naturopath and mother to a little boy Reggie and our 14 year old fur baby, Bonnie. I am a well travelled gal, with about 25 countries under my belt!

As a terrible sleeper myself and with no day to day family support while having a newborn, I took a proactive approach to my son's newborn sleep and had him sleeping well from a very young age. We have travelled overseas multiple times with him as a young baby and he has had a LOT of different care locations along the way but we haven’t encountered too many bumps because of the principles I have implemented with him which I am now passing onto you in this course!

My unique experience in clinical practice as a Naturopath and Nutritionist, enables me to combine my health science knowledge and an in-depth understanding of both what you and your baby are experiencing on your way to achieving quality sleep. I have also created this unique and totally holistic approach to sleep as I combine my Naturopathy skills with my work as a Holistic Sleep Consultant.

Today, I implement this same process for my clients from newborns to toddlers. My unique process is bundled up in this course just for you! When we have our children sleeping better, parents have more time to relax and sleep themselves. I have found they are more productive inside and outside the home, are enjoying parenting more and their relationships are better. Successful baby sleep has a positive ripple effects right through the family unit. I want this for YOUR whole family too!

Georgina has been featured in...

This is for you if:

  • Parents with children from 4 months to 3 years old
  • Those who don’t want the time pressure of scheduled weekly lessons but can implement these skills in their own time!
  • Those who understand sleep is always changing and they want an ongoing resource/library to the information that will guide them through the ongoing sleep challenges that come their way, as their child grows
  • Those who don’t have much time to invest in long courses or watching lengthy videos
  • Those who are willing to learn the principles and apply them in order to see long-lasting results
  • Those who understand sleep isn’t a quick fix but that applying these lessons and some time into this way of learning will see fantastic results
  • Helpful (but not necessary!) to those who take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing
  • Those who are open minded when it comes to new ways of addressing sleep issues

This is NOT for you if:

  • Those who want 1:1 weekly/daily support

  • Those who want regular, organised trainings

  • Those who want a quick fix..lets face it there isn’t any!

  • Those who want to continue co-sleeping

  • Those that are in line with attachment parenting and want to continue with aspects of this kind or parenting such as co-sleeping

Let’s get you and your family more sleep right now!

Upfront Payment

One-time Payment



Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments 

$66 x 3