Georgina's Sleep Approach


Georgina Windebank

Holistic Sleep Consultant & Naturopath

A terrible sleeper herself and with no support from family in a day to day capacity while navigating the challenges of having a newborn.  It was essential to encourage her baby to sleep well. Ensuring her baby could settle early on, prioritising sleep, routine and family wellbeing, where some of her successful approaches to having a baby who slept well

Georgina 's approach is based on creating a thriving and loving household which supports sleep for the child while also ensuring the emotional wellbeing of the family unit is prioritised. As a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Naturopath, her approach addresses the fundamental aspects for creating optimal sleep for children, as well as during pregnancy

Through her time spent in clinical practice and from her  knowledge of sleep, she is driven to help young children get adequate sleep to meet their developmental needs while also working with families to achieve their individual needs in the family unit in regards to sleep

Qualified Sleep Consultant-International Maternity & Parenting Institute (USA)

Qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science)

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

Advanced Diploma of Business Marketing

Certificate in Media Sales

First Aid Certificate (Level 3)

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